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When $30,000 Isn’t Enough

Posted on January 19, 2017

Think you have enough coverage by carrying the minimum limits for liability in Texas?



The minimum limit for automobile liability insurance coverage in the state of Texas is $30,000.00.  That means if another driver with a minimum limit policy crashes into you and causes injury to you, $30,000.00 is the most you can collect from that person’s insurance company.  And most folks driving on Texas roads don’t have sufficient assets that can be attached to satisfy a judgment; meaning, their insurance policy is all there is for payment of your injuries and damages. 

Your liability insurance policy that insures you and your vehicle protects you and pays out to an injured party when you are at fault and cause a crash.  But, the liability coverage on your policy protects everyone but you.  So what happens when the crash is not your fault, you’re injured, and the other driver carries only a minimum limit of $30,000 in coverage?  Regardless of the extent of your injuries, the amount of your medical bills and the money you’ve lost in not being able to work, the most you will ever collect is likely $30,000.  And in many cases, $30,000 will not even cover your out of pocket medical bills. 

Especially in college towns with a high percentage of younger drivers, it’s common to see many cars on the road with these minimum limit policies.  Because you could be a victim, injured by someone carrying a minimum limit policy, we highly recommend you speak to your insurance agent or broker about underinsured/uninsured (“UIM/UM”) coverage that will protect you in this situation by kicking in coverage over and above the other driver’s minimum limit policy.  In short, you need this coverage to protect yourself and your family members. Uninsured or UM coverage protects you and pays benefits when the other driver is not covered by insurance, either because they do not have a policy or because they are an excluded driver under their vehicle’s policy.  We recommend, at a minimum, that your policy include UIM/UM coverage for $50,000.  And it’s not expensive to increase the limit of that coverage.  We also strongly recommend that you add Personal Injury Protection, or “PIP,” to your policy.  PIP pays for medical bills and lost wages while you wait for your claim to be resolved.  PIP comes in increments of $2500, and it’s very inexpensive to add PIP coverage for, say, $10,000 to your policy.  PIP, as well as UIM/UM, will cover you and every passenger in your vehicle in the event of a crash. 

Most worry that if they’re involved in a crash and file a claim on their insurance, their premiums will increase.  Everyone’s premiums increase with every policy period, but they shouldn’t increase if you are involved in a crash that is not your fault.  It is wise to pay for this extra coverage in order to protect you and your family. 

Please contact our office if you or a loved one have been injured due to no fault of your own!


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