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Bus accidents involve a larger group of people than typical truck or auto accidents. Driver negligence, defective tires, or improper maintenance can contribute to an unsafe driving situation for bus passengers in particular. These passengers are usually without the added safety of seat belts, air bags and other preventative safety measures that car passengers have. The reality of this situation is that these accidents often result in multiple serious injuries and in some cases, death. W. Jeff Paradowski is a College Station bus crash attorney with 18 years experience in representing bus passengers who have been injured bus accidents.


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If you are a passenger who has been injured in a bus accident, you are entitled to compensation based on the high degree of care owed to you by the bus company. Bus companies and all common carriers owe to their passengers a high degree of care, that degree of care that would have been used by a very cautious, competent, and prudent person under the same or similar circumstances. This is a higher degree of care than is owed by drivers in most other situations. Filing this type of claim can prove to be a complex process that usually requires the help of an experienced legal professional.

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