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Auto accidents come in a wide range of forms, the most common cases involving the negligent driving of another driver on the roadway. It may be an intoxicated or fatigued driver who causes the collision.


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Over the past few years, technology such as text messaging and cell phone Internet programs have become common causes for auto accidents. A driver who is distracted by text messaging, or checking their e-mail while driving can lead to severe injuries and automobile crashes. In most cases, we collaborate with expert staff and medical providers in order to determine the best possible medical and legal help for our injured clients. We consult with medical providers when necessary to ensure thorough diagnosing and treatment of your injuries.

After a collision, there is a chance for additional injuries not presently known to develop and manifest, so it is important to ensure that the case is fully evaluated before a settlement is reached with anyone or any insurance company.

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Injuries involving Whiplash, broken arms, legs, fractured feet and even spinal cord injuries are common injuries sustained in auto accidents. With over 20 years' experience with auto collision cases, Bryan-College Station personal injury lawyer Jeff Paradowski is able to thoroughly investigate the case, identifying the at-fault driver and effectively litigating against that driver's insurance provider to collect compensation for medical treatment and injuries sustained in the collision.

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