Representative Cases

Breach of Contract

  • Successfully tried a case for local business in contract dispute with Utah hospital system.  Case was tried to a verdict with jury returning a verdict for the local business.
  • Represented a local franchise business in contract dispute with franchisor corporation.  Successfully resolved dispute with recovery for local business.

Medical Negligence

  • Represented a client who had been injured through medical negligence.  The client was injected with a combination of anesthetic drugs into the artery of her right arm instead of the vein.  The physician failed to recognize the harm and danger from injecting the drug combination into the artery and failed to take appropriate and timely action to reverse the harmful effect of the drugs injected intra-arterially.  The improper injection compromised the circulation of blood in the client’s right arm and ultimately caused the loss of a portion of the client’s thumb and fingers on her dominant hand.  Ultimately the case settled and the client was compensated for her damages, including physical pain, impairment, scarring and lost wages.
  • We successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of a woman admitted to the hospital for nausea and vomiting. Following a routine surgical procedure on her abdomen, a large hematoma developed on her spinal cord following an improperly administered epidural for pain control. Despite her complaints of pain and decreasing sensation in her legs, nearly a week transpired before an MRI was ordered that ultimately detected the large hematoma. Unfortunately, our client was permanently paralyzed because of this costly error. However, the settlement we obtained on her behalf ensures she will receive the best quality of care available for the remainder of her life.
  • Our firm successfully handled a medical negligence claim arising from the failure to diagnose a squamous cell carcinoma growing on our client's nose. Our client followed up with his physicians on ten separate occasions and was told on each visit that the lesion on his nose was simply a pre-cancerous lesion. When cancer was finally diagnosed, our client's entire nose had to be surgically removed, and complicated reconstructive surgeries were performed using a forehead flap. After these surgeries, our client endured several chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In addition to a large settlement paid to our client, policies were changed at this facility to see that something like this is less likely to occur in the future.
  • Jeff Paradowski secured the very first verdict in favor of a plaintiff in Brazos County in a medical negligence case.

Automobile Crash / DWI Cases

  • Represented a client who sustained serious injuries caused by a drunk driver who failed to stop at a stop sign and crashed his 2010 Hummer into our client’s vehicle.  Our client was on her way to work at a new job and the collision occurred at 8:20 a.m. on a Friday morning.  The defendant driver had been drinking and partying the night before, and his blood alcohol concentration measured 0.209 at the time of the crash, more than two times the legal limit in Texas.  Our client sustained multiple injuries, including severe lacerations to her arms and legs, a fractured clavicle and a comminuted fracture of her right ankle.  Our client’s recovery and rehabilitation lasted nearly two years, and she continues to have pain and impairment to this day.  A significant recovery was obtained for our client’s damages.
  • Represented a client whose vehicle was hit head on by an intoxicated driver on a county road in Madison County.  The defendant had been drinking most of the day and veered his vehicle into the path of our client’s vehicle.  Our client sustained multiple injuries including multiple fractures to his left arm and hand that required five surgeries to repair.  Our client was forced to withdraw from college classes in order to recover.  With the help of experts, including an accident reconstructionist, economist, orthopedist, economist and medical illustrators, we were able to show the full nature and extent of damages caused to our client.  A recovery was made for the limits of the defendant driver’s commercial automobile policy.

18 Wheeler Crash

  • Our firm has secured numerous settlement and jury verdicts for those involved in crashes with 18 wheelers.

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